ISBTS 2015

A Comprehensive Meeting on Intestinal Failure, Rehabilitation and Transplantation

June 10-13, 2015 - Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) - BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA


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Buenos Aires: The City

The city of Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. It is a large metropolis that together with the suburbs has eleven million inhabitants. It is considered the most elegant city of South America. Despite its modern architecture and dynamic activity, it preserves old traditions. History is reflected in its buildings which reveal the various stages in the life of the city. Visitors will enjoy its monuments, churches, museums, art galleries and theatres, colonial neighborhoods, large commercial centers, typical restaurants and international cuisine. Buenos Aires has always been famous for its incredible cultural offer.

The Teatro Colón (Opera House), inaugurated in 1908, is the pride of the city and hosts the most famous artists of national and international opera and ballet. Those who admire pieces of art will find wonderful galleries and art museums where works by Argentine and foreign artists may be enjoyed. An exciting night-life is offered through different amusements, including the well-known local music and dance, the Tango. Late dinner-shows, late cinema and theatres functions, as well as late dining are almost a traditional routine of nightlife lovers. All restaurants and cafes are open till early hours of dawn. All types of international cuisine are available, although the best represented are the country's national dishes, the excellent quality of Argentine meat is famous all over the world.

Argentina: The Country

From a scenic point of view, nature has endowed Argentina with a variety of assortments and beautiful landscapes. Trips to the North include the renowned and spectacular Iguazú Falls and the Provinces of Salta, Jujuy and Tucumán. The province of Mendoza, to the West, is known for its excellent wine production and the Andes Mountains with the Aconcagua peak, the highest in the Americas. The region of la Pampa, the main cattle raising district and the land of the "gauchos", is an immense plain with splendid and comfortable "estancias" where you can enjoy the "asado", the typical barbecue, and a large choice of sports and recreations. Going South, the Patagonia offers multiple attractions such as hiking wooded mountains, skiing resorts, and trout and salmon filled lakes. The most popular locations are Bariloche, San Martín de los Andes, Península de Valdés, Lago Argentino with Perito Moreno Glacier and Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world.

Pre and post Symposium tours

Iguazu Falls

The Iguazú Falls are one of the greatest scenic wonders of the world. The deep flowing waters of the river fall from a height of 70 meters through 275 falls along 2,7 Km. The border between Argentina and Brazil is marked by the "Garganta del Diablo" (Devil's throat) cliff. The Iguazú National Park is full of the exotic subtropical vegetation, which surrounds the falls with over 2,000 plant species and is home to the region`s exotic wildlife, including more than 400 bird species.

Saint George ****

4 days – 3 nights


  • Transfer in-out
  • Excursion to the Falls (Argentine side and Brazilian side)
  • Airtickets Buenos Aires-Puerto Iguazu-Buenos Aires

Does not include tickets to National Park

As from USD 870.- per passenger – double room

Salta - The Northwest

Its well-preserved archeological sites include the largest collection of remains of pre-Columbian culture in Argentina and its cities offer a rich show of colonial architecture. This is a region of colourful folklore and deep-root traditions, which greatly differ from those of the rest of the country: cheerful festivities, spicy local dishes and lively northern music. The landscape changes incessantly: from subtropical forests to extraordinary geological formations like the Mountain of Seven Colours in Jujuy. The imposing scenery of multicoloured mountains, valleys and ravines on the way from Salta to Humahuaca, together with the singular features of the Indian villages, ancient fortifications and markets, make this region particularly attractive.

Altos De Balcarce ***

4 days – 3 nights


  • Transfers in-out
  • 3 nights' accommodation – breakfast included
  • Excursion to Quebrada de Humahuaca
  • Airtickets Buenos Aires-Salta-Buenos Aires

Does not include ticket to National Park

As from USD 860.- per passenger – double room

El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier together with other twelve glaciers make up the biggest sliding masses of ice and snow of "Los Glaciares" National Park. This glacier is 4 km. wide and 60 meters high above the Lago Argentino level. At any time of the year, it is astonishing how the constant falling of 60 meters of ice towers break into many icebergs. Perito Moreno Glacier can be reached from El Calafate. Sailing across the "Lago Argentino" among white and blue icebergs you can see Upsala Glacier of 60 Km long.

Hotel Kapenke ***

4 days – 3 nights


  • Transfers in-out
  • Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Airticket Buenos Aires-Calafate-Buenos Aires

Does not include tickets to the National Park nor taxes at Calafate airport

As from USD 1090.- per passanger in double room

Peninsula Valdes

Few places in the world offer the possibility to observe such diversity of animals in their natural environment. The Southern Right Whale delights travelers every year between June and December, when they come to the shore to breed and bear their young. The killer whales arrive at the shores in February and March, and the dolphins and elephant seals can be seen during all seasons. This peninsula has been declared Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Peninsula Valdes ****

4 days, 3 nights


  • Transfers in-out
  • 3 nights' accommodation – breakfast included
  • Excursion to Peninsula Valdes
  • Airtickets Buenos Aires-Puerto Madryn-Buenos Aires

Does not include tickets to the National Park

As from USD 1090.- per passenger – double room


Ushuaia is located in a bay on the Beagle Channel, surrounded by the Andes Fueguinos, covered by woods and glaciers. Within the impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, Ushuaia is a picturesque city with an important tourist services infrastructure, an elegant commercial center and an increasing social and cultural activity.

Albatros Hotel ****

4 days – 3 nights


  • Transfers in-out
  • 3 nights' accommodation – breakfast included • Excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • Airticket Buenos Aires-Ushuaia-Buenos Aires

Does not include tickets to the National Park

As from USD 1.099.- per passenger – double room


Mendoza is the land of wines, land of immense spaces that silently extend through the plains, only to be broken by the rocky mountain paths of the "Andes" range and soaked with their potent rivers. It is also the wine zone by excellence; it has numerous wineries for the production of wines of the highest quality that are exported to the whole world. Many of them can be visited by tourists to taste the different wine stumps, specially the area's dominant grape: Malbec.

Aconcagua Hotel ****

6 days – 5 nights


  • Transfers in-out
  • Caminos del Vino
  • Alta Montaña through the river
  • Cañón del Atuel
  • Airticket Buenos Aires-Mendoza-Buenos Aires

As from USD 890.- per passenger – double room

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