ISBTS 2015

A Comprehensive Meeting on Intestinal Failure, Rehabilitation and Transplantation

June 10-13, 2015 - Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) - BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

General Information

Symposium Venue

Universidad Católica Argentina – UCA
Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1680
Puerto Madero

Certificate of Attendance

A personalized certificate of attendance will be provided (as PDF document) for all registered delegates.


The Symposium official language is English. Translation will be provided during lectures and debates.

Travel Information

All foreign visitors entering Argentina must present valid passports or other internationally recognized travel documents. It is recommended that delegates find out, from the nearest Argentine embassy or consulate in their Countries, the requirements for visas and custom regulations. To locate the nearest Argentine consulate, please visit the website of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( and click over the flag of your country. To check which countries require visa, please click here

Letters of Invitation

The Organizing Committee will send an invitation to participate in the Symposium upon request. Such invitation is intended to facilitate delegate's travel and visa arrangements and does not imply any commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial support.

Invitation letter
A letter of invitation will be provided to participants who need it to submit to an institution, university, hospital, etc. This letter will be provided in a PDF format. It is not valid for visa purposes. If needed, the participant must create an account into the conference management system ( before requesting it to the ISBTS Secretariat at

Invitation letter for visa purposes
Official Invitation letters for visa purposes will be issued upon request only to registered participants. Should you need this letter to be notarized please contact the Symposium Secretariat. In this case a copy of the notarized letter will be sent in PDF format to the registered delegate by email. The original notarized certified letter will be mailed by private courier to the registered delegate for presentation at the local Argentine consulate. Please note that an administrative fee will be charged to notarize the letter. If needed, please request it to:

Reciprocity Fees

Citizens from the US, Canada and Australia must pay a "reciprocity fee" before travelling to Argentina. This fee is NOT a visa; Argentina does not require a visa from citizens of these countries. For US citizens, payment of the Buenos Aires Airport Entry Fee allows unlimited entries to Argentina for a period of 10 years. The current reciprocity fee is USD 100/160 depending on country of origin. This fee must be paid before travelling to Argentina. The Reciprocity Fee can only be paid through the Argentine Immigration Department website: How can I pay the Reciprocity Rates:
You must show a receipt for this payment to an airline representative upon check-in at your departure and submit this receipt to immigration authorities upon arrival.

Safety Tips

Buenos Aires is a safe city. However as in any big city, it is convenient to take some precautions:

  • Move around only with the Credit and ID card you are likely to use. It is better to have a photocopy of the passport with you, while shopping in town (sometimes they require it when you pay by credit card).
  • It is a good idea to keep small bill in the pockets, and not take out the wallet more than necessary.
  • Women carrying a purse should try to keep it next to their bodies. In public places pay attention to the personal belongings.
  • It is better not to bring valuables to the meeting, unless absolutely necessary. Expensive jewelry, cameras and similar objects should never be left in the hotel room but rather locked in the hotel's safety box.
  • It is convenient not to wander around looking lost, and to be sure to have the correct address you are heading to, before leaving the hotel or restaurants.
  • Do not change money in the street, do it in the banks, hotels or money exchange houses.
  • Taxis are identified by their black and yellow colors. Most of them are linked by radio to a central office and are available by phone or at the main entrance of the Congress Venue . Please be sure to take only these taxis. The amount indicated in the taxi meter is the money you must pay for the ride.
  • Buenos Aires is a very easy city to walk around. Downtown hotels are walking distance from most shopping and tourist attractions.

Be sure to take care of these recommendations, and we are sure that you stay in Buenos Aires shall be more pleasant.


The weather in Buenos Aires in June is moderately cold during the day, with cold evenings. Temperature is between 8º C (46º F) y 15° C (59° F).


The National Monetary Unit of Argentina is the Peso. Exchange facilities are available at the airport, hotels and exchange agencies. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Tips at restaurants are usually between 10% and 15%.


Throughout Argentina, the electricity supply is 220V / 50Hz. Most hotels provide 110V outlets. It is recommended to bring an adapter in order to be able to use all personal electrical appliances.


The Organizing Committee will not be liable for personal accidents or loss/damage of private properties of meeting participants either during the meeting or during any of the tours. It is therefore recommended that participants arrange their own personal health, accident and travel insurance.

Sociedad Argentina de Trasplantes Intestinal Transplant Association The Transplantation Society